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:: Replace Deadlines with Schedules

As anyone who has ever pulled an all nighter in college or basically lived at the office to get a product launched can tell you, for most of us deadlines are quite motivating. Having that big red circle on your calendar coming closer and closer is the only way to get yourself towards meeting the goals you have set for yourself, right?

Not really, suggests a thought-provoking recent post from entrepreneur James Clear. While time pressure may have a place in driving you to overcome that final hurdle to an important achievement, Clear argues that if you really want to accomplish more, you need to swap schedules for deadlines.

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:: Startup Success That You Should Leave Your Day Job For

Joining a startup always takes risk, but some companies offer a more exciting choice than others.

No matter how much you love your day job, you might want to consider trying to score a gig with a hot new company -- a company that is working on something so big, it could change everything.

A company that could make or break your entire career.

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:: Small Business Victims

It was March 2010, the height of the financial crisis, and the housing market was in the dumps. Michelle Marsico, who owns Village View Escrow south of Los Angeles, was having a slow day. So slow, in fact, that she didn’t bother logging on to check her bank account, because she didn’t have any deposits coming in or any money going out.

Turns out, she was wrong.

Two days later, when she did log on, she saw $465,000 was missing from her firms bank account. She found out later, she was the victim of hackers.

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:: Guess Which Small Businesses Are Growing The Fastest?

One industry that may seem less than glamorous has been the rock star of small business growth of late. Farmers of oilseeds and grains, such as corn, soybeans and wheat, posted nearly 20 percent sales growth in the last 12 months, according to Sageworks data.

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:: Avoid Fraud to Prevent Chargebacks

Some charge-backs are the result of outright fraud, such as cases of identity theft, but some are the result of rriendly fraud, she says, where a consumer legitimately made the purchase but then disputes it.
Either one can crimp a retailers bottom line.

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:: Why Small Business Is Not Winning on Social

Social media, unlike digital media 10 years ago, is a much more patient game. With SEO and banner ads and email marketing it was all instant gratification. Social media isn’t, and that’s why so many people are struggling with it.

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:: 9 Mobile Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

With more than half of adults in the United States now using a smartphone to connect to the internet, if you want to get your message out to your customers and target customers, your mobile web marketing plan needs to consider the types of devices in use. Even if you have a brick and mortar retail store, your website must be mobile friendly.

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:: Understanding Affordable Care for Small Businesses

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was passed into law in March of 2010.  Since its passing many of the provisions have already been implemented by insurance carriers; however the biggest impact will be felt starting on January 1, 2014.

The PPACA has established health insurance marketplaces for every state as a resource where individuals, families, and small businesses can learn about their health coverage options, compare health insurance plans based on costs, benefits, and other important features, choose a plan, and enroll in coverage.

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:: Content Marketing Channels

Thirty days ago, I began an experiment with this blog to determine whether email, Twitter or RSS would be the better content marketing channel. My goals with RSS, Twitter and email are two: first to maintain a relationship with a reader longer than a single website visit by creating a communication channel and second to use that marketing channel to drive re-engagement.

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