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:: Social Bookmarking Quiz

Test your knowledge of social bookmarking, social networks and the collective voice. Take the social bookmarking quiz!

:: Technology and Politics

Americans have always had a say in their government, at least in theory. Since the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783, the United States of America has been the “land of opportunity,” where even a lowly log-splitter, exercising sufficient brains and dedication, can raise himself to the highest executive office. The U.S. Constitution safeguards the right to vote for every citizen over eighteen years of age, with few exceptions, ensuring a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Nevertheless, only about half of eligible voters historically vote for their president. Those who do make it to the polls are more educated than unschooled, more white than black, more men than women, more wealthy than poor, and more old than young.

Technology and Politics

:: What Makes a Good Logo

A logo is a design, graphical representation, image or symbol that represents a business or organization. Logos were initially used to distinguish and differentiate products, the logos assisted purchasers in finding the product they prefer or have come to trust (or not trust).

What Makes a Good Logo

:: Luxury eBay Challenges

LOreal, the worlds largest cosmetics group, has launched legal action against eBay, alleging the online auctioneer does not do enough to combat the sale of counterfeits, the company said on Monday.

The action by LOreal follows similar action taken against eBay by luxury groups Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Tiffanys. EBay argues it clamps down on all cases of counterfeiting notified to it by the firms concerned.

LOreal has been facing an increasing volume of illicit trade in fake fragrances and fake cosmetic products on some online auction sites, LOreal said in an emailed statement, confirming earlier French media reports. Consequently, LOreal has decided to take legal action to protect the consumers, preserve the quality of its selective luxury distribution network and defend the reputation of its trademarks.

:: Listen to Your Customers

Mastering the art of managing customer complaints can seem like a thankless job, but keep in mind that for every customer that shares their worries, concerns or complaints, there are likely more that did not express their dissatisfaction, and instead simply moved on to a competitor. Customer complaints can, and should be treated as opportunities.

Listen to Your Customers

:: Top 10 Small Business Resoruces

The following are the Top 10 Small Business Resources:

1. Small Business Administration (SBA)
Free services to US small businesses funded by the US government.

Small Business Plan Preparation And Free Business Advice Services From Score Offering Startup Help And A Free Nonprofit Business Plan Consulting Advice And Startup Help Services Ask SCORE Find SCORE

3. Inc. Com
Small business resources for the entrepreneur, home based business, advice and ideas for starting a business, writing a business plan, management, and related small business information.

4. Small Business Software
Articles for small businesses, business letter samples and business tips.

Articles, advice and resources

6. AllBusiness provides practical advice and resources to help small and medium-size businesses succeed.

7. Business Week
Advice and resources.

8. (US Centric) guides you through the maze of government rules and regulations and provides access to services and resources to help you start, grow, and succeed in business.

9. Women Owned Businesses
WomanOwned was formed in 1998, and since then we have provided the information, tools, networking opportunities and advice that have helped hundreds of thousands of women.

10. Business Know How
Small business and home business ideas and resources from Business Know-How. Small business marketing, management, internet marketing, business loan and finance information.

:: Interview Questions and Answers

Behind every interview question there is a concern or another question. Your job is to process the question thinking about what the interviewer’s concern might be. In other words, why is the interviewer asking you this question?

10 Killer Job Interview Questions and Answers

:: According to Search Engine Strategies Conference

15% to 16% of all searches are for images. If you haven't been looking seriously at image search, you really should think about this again. Particularly with the advent of universal search, as image results will have an increasing role in the web search results.

Wow! That is a pretty impressive percentage. I wonder what this will mean for the stock photography and image websites like Photo Wizard.

:: Can PPC Links Help Organic Ranking?

Often the question is asked Do PPC listings affect your organic rankings? The simple answer is no. Despite this, one of the best ways to increase your organic traffic is to start an aggressive PPC campaign.

A PPC Campaign can help with organic ranking and optimization though - read how.

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