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:: Online Safety

The proliferation of computer technology and emergence of the Internet has enhanced the lives of children and adults. Increasing productivity and efficiency, the Internet is a powerful educational tool, and it provide youths a vast amount of information. That said, it is important to remember that the Internet can also be very dangerous. Criminals are using modern technology to prey on innocent victims.

According to research, one in five youths, ages 10-17, were approached online sexually or were sexually solicited. The tool for the solicitation was the Internet. In fact, 89% of those solicitations occurred via chat rooms or with predators using instant messaging. Additionally, nine out of ten children online, ages 8-16, have viewed pornography online. In most cases the children unintentionally encountered pornography while searching for an alternate item, but the statistic is very telling.

Online Safety

:: Downside to Businesses Relying on Web Applications

Because of a scheduled vacation I had planned to work this weekend. When I logged into Writely (Google's online word processor) I received a message that it was closed for scheduled maintenance.

1. I did not receive any notice or forewarning that indicated it would be down. If it was scheduled why were there customers/users not given notice?

2. I rely on these documents being accessible at all times to my staff for collaboration, many of whom work on weekends because of flex schedules.

This has reinforced my belief that desktop applications will always have a home in my business.

:: Branding Winners

Branding, branding, branding ....

The strongest brand in America -- drum roll, please -- is Reynolds Wrap.

Yes, the thinly supported brand of thin-sliced aluminum owned by heavy-industry titan Alcoa, which got all of $7.5 million in media support last year as measured by TNS Media Intelligence, has the strongest brand equity in the U.S., according to Harris Interactive.

Read more about Branding

:: Security Software Tips

Great concise list of security software tips for home users and business. Learn how to protect your computers and protect from intrusions.

:: Tips for Podcast Promotion

As podcasts increase in popularity, listeners have more choices. So while you might be ahead of the competition, you should still be thinking about ways that you can make your podcast unique and stand out from similarly themed podcasts.

Podcasting Tips

:: Small Businesses to Get More Action

Small businesses will now have access to an estimated $16 billion in federal spending once reserved almost exclusively for larger firms, under a Senate bill passed Wednesday.

Because federal purchases under $2,500 made by credit card are not subject to bidding -- unlike major government contracts -- small businesses have traditionally lost out to larger, more established competitors. The Purchase Card Waste Elimination Act, passed unanimously, seeks to level the playing field.

:: Googles Hold on Search

Google held on to its commanding lead as the preferred search engine in the U.S. in May, processing almost 60 percent of all queries filed, way ahead of its two closest competitors Yahoo and Microsoft.

Google nabbed 59.3 percent of search queries, followed by Yahoo in a very distant second place with 22 percent and Microsoft's MSN with 12.1 percent, market researcher Hitwise said Thursday.

Google's Hold on Search

:: Security Concerns and How to Stay Aware

Stay up to date on security concerns. Visit Security Protection to locate security feeds that are specific to the security industry. RSS feeds available include virus alerts, security alerts, information about Internet security and more. If security is still a concern visit Security Port for general information.

:: Google Spread Sheets

It appears that Google will be shortly adding an online spreadsheet to their offerings. Looking at their online tour it appears that the collaborative tool will work similar to Writely.

:: RSS Feed Promotion

In order to reap the benefits of an RSS feed, it is important the feed be properly publicized. Taking simple steps to promote an RSS feed will go a long way in ensuring a feeds adoption.

RSS Feed Promotion

:: GoogleBase is Replacing Froogle

According to ThreadWatch:

Google has announced that it is replacing Froogle with Google Base.

:: Modern Betas and New Releases

Very cool site to learn about new products and services available on the web.

:: How To Send a Mail Merge Press Release

You spent months developing and testing your software program and were confident it was ready for prime-time. You uploaded your program to your website and waited eagerly for customers to download and order your program... and waited... and waited... and perhaps are still waiting.

'Build it and they will come' may work for Hollywood baseball fields, but not in the real world. This article will focus on how to let your registered users and potential customers know about your new product or service using mail merge - even if you don't have Word or Outlook.

How to Send a Mail Merge Press Release

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