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:: Inc Entrepreneur of the YEAR

June 29, 2004 - June 30, 2004's 2005 Entrepreneur of the Year Contest challenges readers to help Inc . magazine discover a company leader who stands head and shoulders above the rest. They aim to uncover an entrepreneur whose incredible drive, acumen, creativity, and vision have positively impacted his or her business, employees' lives and/or the community at large. The goal is to recognize and share the entrepreneur's amazing accomplishments in hope that others will find nuggets of wisdom and inspiration that can positively affect their businesses. Entrepreneur Contest

:: Benefits to Shareware

June 27, 2004 - June 28, 2004
Businesses and individual consumers need to take a closer look at the benefits of taking advantage of shareware marketing. The concept of a trial version is not a new one. Consumer expectations, and the need for immediate satisfaction have spurned the industry to realize the need for instant software. Benefits to Shareware article.

:: Software Business Magazine Awards

June 25, 2004 - June 26, 2004
At the Third Annual Software Business Magazine Conference in San Francisco, September 22-23, the winners of the Software Business Industry Awards will be announced. Nominations are being accepted for the 2004 Software Business Industry Awards in the following categories:

s Industry Leadership Excellence
s Business Development Initiative
s Best Partnering Program
s Best Financing Deal
s Best Acquisition
s Best Sales Strategy
s Best Product Development Strategy
s Best New Technology

Winners will be announced at the Awards luncheon on September 23. Software Business Magazine Awards The deadline for nominations is July 15. Please submit a 100 to 500-word pitch that presents why the company is leading the software industry.

:: GoRank

June 24, 2004
goRank - Website optimization tools. Site includes:

Keyword Density Analyzer - that will automatically analyzed the keyword density of all words and phrases in the web page.
Compare Any 5 Urls - enter up to 5 URLs below and goRank will automatically compare the keyword density of each URL.
Compare Top 10 Urls - Enter a keyword below and goRank will automatically compare the keyword density of the current top 10 Google results.

use the above goRank resources to optimize your website.

:: WebSite Globalization

June 22, 2004 - June 23, 2004
The Internet has unlocked a wide array of markets and knocked down barriers that previously prevented merchants from marketing their products on a global scale. There are a number of ways to 'globalize' a website and broaden a businesses general appeal to an international audience. More on Globalization!

:: Marketing Excellence Awards

June 20, 2004 - June 21, 2004
Nominate the products, services and campaigns you believe deserve the distinction of being named the best in their category. The ClickZ Marketing Excellence Awards recognize ClickZ readers' choices for achievement and innovation in online marketing technology, solutions, and execution.

Marketing Excellence Awards

:: Business Logos

June 17, 2004 - June 18, 2004
The thought of a business logo conjours dollar signs for most small business owners. What many don't realize is that stock logos can be purchased and customized for very little money. Prices range from $ 35.00 to a few hundred for personalized business logos. Consider giving your business a fresh look with professionally designed logo.

Logos for Small Businesses

:: How to Apply for Government Grants

June 16, 2004
The following details the steps to take inorder to apply for a small business government grant. The grant process is cumbersome but can be very rewarding to small businesses.

:: Fed Begin Small Business Survey

June 13, 2004 - June 15, 2004
The Federal Reserve announced on Thursday that it had begun its latest Survey of Small Business Finances. The survey is aimed at increasing policymakers' understanding of how economic and regulatory changes affect small firms' access to credit. Article Tools Premier Online Sponsors Featured Services Find Online Degrees Incorporate Now Search for Software Create a Business Plan Research Companies The National Opinion Research Center of the University of Chicago will conduct interviews with 4,000 executives at firms with less than 500 employees by the end of the year on the Fed's behalf. A letter was sent to 12,000 small business owners asking them for their cooperation. The survey will collect information about each firm's use of credit and other financial services and their experience in obtaining credit during 2003. Participants are randomly selected from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Participation is voluntary. The Fed plans to publish its findings in 2006. This is the fourth such survey since the Fed began administering them in 1988. It was last conducted in 1998. (from Inc.)


:: Suggested Software

June 11, 2004
Take control of your communication, consider using Communication Software to make your communication more efficient. There are a number of solutions worth a look, including text messaging and voice applications for small businesses.

:: Saying Thanks to the Press

June 8, 2004 - June 10, 2004
Send a note thanking editors when they pickup your release. Consider sending a promotional item, a pen or a ball cap along with a thank you for a product review. Generating good will will go a long way, and the next time they see your company name perhaps they will again print your release.

:: SpamCheck

June 5, 2004 - June 7, 2004
The following site allows you to test your e-mail newsletter, so that it doesn't end up in a spam filter. To use SpamCheck (for free):
1. Send your newsletter by email to with TEST as the first word in the subject line.
2. In a few seconds you will receive a SpamCheck Report, with suggestions regarding the newsletter content.
Details at

:: Software Marketing News

June 2, 2004 - June 4, 2004
The latest issue of Software Marketing News has been sent. While the newsletter is geared to software developers, it contains a lot of information that is helpful to web marketers. This particular issue contains two amazing software success stories that will inspire any struggling small business owner.

:: Keyword Research

May 31, 2004 - June 1, 2004
When optomizing a website it is important to do your homework on keywords. If you optimize for a phrase but the phrase is rarely searched on your site is unlikely to receive significant traffic. Make a list of the words and phrases that you feel represent your product or service and enter them into the following sites, to generate a list of popular keyword phrases.
Google -
Overture -
Word Tracker -


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