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:: How Reliable are Cell Phones

April 29-30, 2004

Many entrepreneurs rely on cell phones for communication. But the technology is less than perfect, how reliable is cell phone communication? What is the most reliable method to communicate? How can you ensure that you are heard? Take a look at the latest artice ... How Reliable are Cell Phones?

:: PopUps vs PopUnders

April 28, 2004

There is a new ad serving technology that detects popup blocking software and converts popups to popunders to ensure that ads are still served. Meaning that consumers who have taken action in order to prevent ads will see them regardless. It is my opinion, that forcing ads on uninterested consumers will not generate the sales the advertisers are looking for.

:: Google - Trademarks

April 27, 2004
AXA, the world's No.3 insurer, is taking Google Inc to court next month in the latest trademark challenge to threaten the heart of Google's business model - advertising.

Google is already embroiled in litigation on both sides of the Atlantic over claims that its pay-for-placement service, Adwords, lets clients hijack their competitors' trademarks.

But AXA, which posted $US86 billion ($A117.45 billion) in revenue last year, is the largest company yet to put the matter before a judge.

The growing mass of litigation over trademarks in advertising could weigh on Google's expected multi-billion dollar stock market launch, experts say.

:: Networking

April 25-26, 2004
Networking is a valuable source for new business. Refer potential customers to people in your network. Take an interest in other businesses, understand the ins and outs of partner relationships. Determine how all parties will benefit from cooperative efforts. Effective networking can bring in significant business from untapped markets, keep this in mind when you are dealing with other vendors, they could be a source of new business.


:: Announcing Products

April 22 -23, 2004
A new article has been posted, the article is targeted at Software Developers but can really be useful to anyone who is involved in a product launch, though the resources might be different. The Software Announce article details ideas and tips on how to announce a new release.

:: Secure Passwords

April 21, 2004
As the web has evolved, so have the methods of collecting personal information. A large number of websites require visitors to register to gain access or participate. While the need for registration is understandable, tracking user names and passwords can be burdensome. Consider using software to store your passwords, in a safe accessible manner. Read the latest article detailing tips on how to keep your passwords safe .


:: Selling Your Company

April 20, 2004
Many of us may consider selling our small businesses but don't really understand what is involved. How do you determine the value of a company? Companies that rely heavily on service are valued a much lower value than companies that sell a product. When valuing a business its important to understand why and how companies are valued. It is often suggested that businesses hire a company that specializes in valuations, to accurately determine a businesses value. Broker and valuation companies can often be hired, and paid from a percentage of the actual business sale. Innovative companies can be valued as much as twenty times earnings, service companies are typically valued at a far smaller multiple, to determine what your company is worth talk to an expert before you make a decision about selling.

:: Google Rankings

April 19, 2004
There is a new cool site that helps you determine your google ranking based on different keyword combinations. The site is fairly basic though and if you manage multiple domains a general google search is easier to manage, IMO.

:: Buyers Guides

April 17-18, 2004
Buyers Guides are a great place to list your product or services. They typically have a long shelf life and often basic listings are FREE. The following two resources are suggested for buyers guide - SMR Buyers Guide Directory and the Marketing Organization has a Buyers Guide Express Guide

:: Free Business Letters

April 16, 2004
This download expires today but if you make it in time, it contains more than 3000 business letters. The collection includes business, sales and personal letters, and sales letters that will help you sell more with attention-getting messages and persuasive sales copy!

:: Best Places for US Businesses

April 15, 2004
The Top Cities in America for doing business are not at all where most people think, and there's good data to back that up. This year Inc. publishes an exclusive Top Cities list, using a brand-new methodology.

For the most part, the top cities aren't found on the fashionable coasts, nor in the biggest, most famous metro areas, but in more prosaic places, including many in the Midwest, that found a way to grow in a tough economy and now seem poised for rapid expansion as the recovery comes in.

The following locations round out the top

1. Atlanta, GA
2. Riverside-San Bernardino, CA
3. Las Vegas, NV
4. San Antonio, TX
5. West Palm Beach, FL
6. Southern New Jersey, NJ
7. Fort Lauderdale- Hollywood-Pompano Beach , FL
8. Jacksonville, FL
9. Newark , NJ
y 10. Suburban Maryland-D.C. , MD

Top 25 List Details

:: Google vs Trademarkers

April 14, 2004
Google has changed their position with regards to removing trademarked terms used in Adwords. This means that competitors will now be allowed to bid on branded or trademarked terms that belong to their competitor! This is a completely contrary position and will likely invite a very angry response from established companies.

:: Australian Spam

April 13, 2004
As of yesterday, it became illegal to send spam from or to Australia. And Down Under, their definition of spam is a little tougher than U.S. laws have gotten us used to.

The Spam Act 0f 2003 covers all electronic communications, other than telemarketing or faxes. That means e-mails, mobile phone text messages (SMS), multimedia messaging (MMS) and instant messaging (IM). Any unsolicited commercial message is now considered spam, unless the sender is accurately identified and the message has a functional unsubscribe address.

:: New Software Site

April 12, 2004
We are pleased to introduce a new look to Email Software. The updated site contains all types of e-mail software designed for email management, spam filtering, and email marketing. In addition the site contains a collection of email related articles, acronyms, and email emoticons.

:: Bartering

April 10-11, 2004
Never under estimate the power of bartering. While it sounds like an old practice the Internet has given the trade new life. Businesses often swap newsletter mentions, or promotional marketing exchanges. The benefit to bartering is that there is typically no out of pocket cost. Small Businesses lacking capital can hit the ground running. Don't be afraid to suggest an exchange you might be surprised at the interest!

:: Trademark Infringement

April 9, 2004
Google's new GMail apparently appears to violate an existing trademark by an English company who have been using the term for years in more than 70 countries. This should be a warning to small business owners. When naming a product be sure to do your homework and check the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) for any existing terms. A search on the Internet will also help determine if any prior usage exists.

:: What is up with GMail?

April 8, 2004
Google has increased its offerings and has begun providing huge capacity free email accounts. Somewhere in there there is a hitch, what is it? The hitch is targeted email ads. Targeted spam. It is likely that Google will use GMail or similar methods to promote adwords to their clients. The volume will likely determine how consumers receive GMail interestingly enough if the reward is big enough (meaning email storage) consumers might be quite tolerant, either that or they will simply learn to tune out the ads.

:: WebPosition Gold & NetIQ

April 7, 2004
News recently broke that the NetIQ software giant have signed an agreement to purchase the popular WebPosition Gold search engine submission software. According to NetIQ - NetIQ is the provider of the industry-leading WebTrends(r) web analytics products. The combination of WebTrends powerful analytics, and WebPosition Gold, the industry's leading software for search engine optimization, will provide customers with the most comprehensive Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing solutions, enabling them to reach greater numbers of targeted Web visitors and accelerate their return on investment in online marketing.

:: Etiquette

April 6, 2004
As a business competing in the online arena, it is imperative that you understand the unwritten rules of the road. Though usenet and forums are often not moderated, it is important that you understand what is considered politically correct when communicating online. The latest article added to SBS details Email & Newsgroup Etiquette.

:: Building Brands

April 4-5, 2004
Building a brand creates an image about your company. Brand isn't something that you can put in a box and move to a new location, it is a perception that potential customers perceive. The site is focused on brands, branding, marketing and communications. It includes original articles, interactive learning games and also offers a free Shared Learning newsletter. If you are interested in Building a Brand take a look.

:: Newsletter / Froogle

April 2-3, 2004
A great newsletter for webmasters, software developers and online marketers can be found on SMR. The monthly newsletter contains numerous marketing tips, information on online business, search engine optimization information and other relevant marketing information.

Froogle is Google's answer to a product search engine and they've recently integrated Froogle's results into the Google database. This boost might be just what is needed for your search engine ranking. Be sure to submit a Froogle feed soon if you have not already done so, a word of warning they will not accept signs with affiliate links.

:: Newsgroups

April 1, 2004
Newsgroups are a great source of new business. When was the last time your products or services were mentioned in an online forum? What kind of reaction was there from the general community? A long standing precense in an online forum, lends credibility to your product line. Provide knowledgeable well thought-out responses to relevant questions. This will establish you as an industry expert.

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