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What to Tweet?

What to Tweet?

Businesses are flocking to Twitter, but many lack an understanding of the medium and do not know what to tweet. Here are a some tips for businesses that are on Twitter and interested in using the medium to build their brand:

1. Industry News

Tweet news that pertains to your industry or niche. This will establish the ethos of your brand by showing that you are knowledgeable in and cognizant of current events in your industry.

2. New Releases

Tweet about any new releases or product announcements. Twitter is a communication channel that can be excellently used to tell customers when you launch new versions or new products.

3. Responses to Customer Service Queries

Show your customers that you care and take interest in their needs by addressing their questions on Twitter. Create search feeds for your product or brand name; when someone mentions your product or brand name, respond to their tweet with an offer of assistance or support.

4. Comments on Controversy

Comment on industry news and controversial discussions that relate to your industry. Establish yourself as an authority in your field by adding your thoughts to the discussion on Twitter.

5. Support Tips

Tweet any support tips or tricks that may help your customers use your product or service. You may also include information on and make available any how to tutorials that explain how a product or service can be used.

6. Blog Posts

Tweet about a new blog post that has recently been added to your website. Such tweets can not only alert customers to new posts, but may also expand your audience.

7. Whom to Follow

If there are any Twitter accounts that tweet things that you find particularly interesting or enjoyable, share the accounts with your followers. Your followers may also appreciate the material those accounts post, and promoting other Twitter accounts you enjoy can help you establish relationships or make your brand feel more personal.

8. Company News

Tweet about any major news announcements, new product releases, product updates, news of participation in trade shows, or anything else that would be considered newsworthy about your company.

9. Facts

Tweet interesting facts related to your niche or industry. Posting intriguing content pertinent to your niche will please your followers, build your brand, and can attract new followers.

10. What Has Your Focus

What is occupying your mind at this moment? If it is related to your business, tweet about it!

11. Requests for Opinions

If you are stuck contemplating what features to include in or are otherwise unsure about a product or service, ask your followers for their opinion. Making such queries shows your customers that you value their opinion, and any responses you may receive can serve as valuable feedback.

12. Questions

If you have a question about where to source something or need other advice, ask your followers. Once again, Tweeting your questions not only shows your followers that you value their opinion, but will very likely solve your problem; you may be surprised at how responsive your audience can be.

Twitter is an incredibly popular medium because of its versatility and wide range of uses. One of Twitter's major benefits, however, is that it is a highly interactive medium. Post diverse content that pertains to your niche or field to advance your business and build your brand, but most importantly, get your followers involved.

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for RecordForAll audio recording and editing software.


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