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Video Optimization Part II

By Sharon Housley

Optimizing your video for search engines will increase the exposure that the video receives, and optimization will also help spread the video's message. Follow these steps to enhance your videos and improve their rankings...

1. Shorter Videos Rank Better

No big surprise here -- the file size of short videos is much smaller than that of longer videos. On the video networks like YouTube, short videos are viewed far more often than longer ones. A length of less than 3 minutes per video seems to be ideal, and absolutely make every effort to keep your video under 10 minutes! If you have a long video segment, consider breaking it into multiple videos. The more popular videos on the video networks are given more exposure, which will also help increase the number of views received.

2. Titles Capture Interest

Just like newspaper headlines, it is important that the title of the video be one that will attract attention. If possible, include important keywords in the video title. This will help the video perform well in video searches for that keyword or phrase. Word order may also make a difference in the video ranking, so try to use the more important keywords at or near the beginning of the video title.

3. Tag The Video

Tag the video with important keywords and phrases that are relevant to the video's contents. This is particularly important on YouTube. For anyone searching for topical videos, this will help them find yours.

4. Encourage Commenting

Encourage customers or other viewers to comment on your videos. Most video networks increase a video's exposure if it receives a lot of comments or views. Once a large collection of comments has been posted, you can turn commenting off. To further increase exposure, link to the video from social sites and social media profiles such as facebook, myspace, twitter, linkedin, etc.

5. User Name

Use your company name as the username for your account on video networks like YouTube. The company name will further reinforce your brand.

6. Embed YouTube Video

Embed the YouTube video in your website. YouTube is the largest video network with the biggest following -- by embedding the YouTube video on your website, you will further increase the number of views the video receives.

7. Video Anchor Text

When you link to the video, use keyword-rich anchor text in the link to the video file.

8. Add iTunes Tags

Increase the exposure of your video by adding the iTunes tags and submitting the video podcast to iTunes.

9. Video SiteMap

On your website, use a sitemap that shows where the videos are located on your website. This will help both visitors and search engines in locating the videos.

10. Transcripts

Create a text transcript of the video. The text can then be spidered by search engines, giving the content an additional channel.

11. Allow Video Syndication

Allow others to syndicate your videos. This will increase the exposure and the number of views that your video receives.

12. Ratings

Ratings are a plus. Make sure that you allow other viewers the ability to rate your video on the video networks.

13. Compress File

File compression will reduce the file size of the video, and make it faster to download and view. The downside is that more compression results in lower quality. Compress the video file to the smallest possible size, but without compromising the video or sound quality.

14. Include Watermarking

Watermark your video file so that there is no doubt to its origin. Also, add a splash screen at the beginning, and embed your website URL in the video using video editing software. These things will increase your website's exposure if the video file is syndicated.

The growth of video on the web has exploded in recent years. Competitors will leave you in the dust if you fail to adapt and provide the medium your customers are exploring. Keep in mind that simply having a video is not enough! To make the most of your video content, you should take steps to optimize the video and increase your exposure.

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for RecordForAll audio recording and editing software.


This article may be used freely in opt-in publications and websites, provided that the resource box is included and the links are active. A courtesy copy of the issue or a link to any online posting would be greatly appreciated send an email to .

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