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Business Letters

:: Employment Letters

Turning Down Job Candidates - how to let candidates down in a professional manner

Turning Down Job Candidates II - letter to let candidates down in a professional manner

Turning Down Job Candidates III - letter of rejection to job applicant

Employment Offer - letter of employment offer

Employment Offer II - letter of employment and negotiation

Rejecting Job Offer - letter rejecting offer of employment

Accepting Job Offer -letter accepting offer of employment

:: Employee Performance Letters

Tardiness - letter of warning involving tardiness

Poor Performance - letter of warning regarding poor customer relations.

Poor Performance II - letter of warning about historical poor performance.

Performance / Termination - letter of termination due to poor performance.

Termination / Financial - letter of termination due to financial problems.

Employment Warnings - letter of warning due to single incident

:: Employment Recommendation Letters

Privacy Policy Prevents Recommendation - letter explaining that company policy prevents recommendations

Employment Recommendation - letter of recommendation for employment


:: Financial Related Letter

Statement Error - letter in response to a statement or billing error.

Using Credit Memo - letter in response to a complaint

Credit Reference Request - letter requesting a credit reference.

Collection I - letter of collection issues.

Collection II - letter addressing collection problems

Slow Payments - letter regarding slow or delayed payments and termination of credit terms

Explanation of Credit Terms - letter explaining credit terms

Payment Reminder - letter reminding about late payment

Granting Credit - letter granting credit terms

Refusing Credit - letter denying credit terms

:: Miscellaneous Business Letters

Response to Complaints - letter in response to a complaint




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