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Logo Concepts

Logo Concepts
By Sharon Housley

A logo concept is more than just an affinity for a specific character. Logos represent a company's brand, and as a result, serious thought and consideration should be put into your logo. Before hand be sure to consider, how the logo will represent your organization and consider the thoughts that will be associated with specific images that you consider for your logo. Does the logo embody traits that can or should be associated with your business? If your company is global, will the image transcend borders or will some of your customers find the image offensive and distasteful?

Carefully consider what traits you want for your corporate image to convey and select a logo that represents these those traits in a meaningful way.

In addition, it is important that the logo be able to:

Be Reproduced
When selecting a color scheme it is best to stick with pantone or web friendly colors for web based businesses. The cost of reproducing a logo with standard colors will be less than a logo that does not.

Be Sized
The logo should be easy to resize and therefore will appear attractive regardless of size. It is often best to use vector graphics so the design will not be compromised when resized. Logos are used in a variety of mediums and it is important that the logo will port to a variety of sizes to encompass all of your branding needs.

A logo should have a long shelf-life. A logo is something that should not be changed too frequently. In fact many of the most recognizable logos are well aged.

Simplistic in Nature
Logo designs should not be overly elaborate. Keep the number of colors in the design to a minimum. This will be beneficial when the image is resized. Varied Request a variety of formats to make it simpler for reproducing the logo in a variety of different mediums. If displaying a logo on the web, it is important the logo be in a compressed format to make the webpages load faster. Also, be sure to have a high resolution image for print media in order that it does not appear pixelated when printed.

Respect Trademarks
When designing the logo be sensitive to trademarked logos. Do not spend the time and energy building a brand that will ultimately cause consumer confusion. Avoid a design that may be similar to another company. The logo design should be different enough that market place confusion will not occur.

Logos will often be used to identify a corporate brand. Make sure the logo you choose represents your company in an appropriate manner.

Examples of Logos that fit the bill can be found at Logo Search

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for RecordForAll audio recording and editing software.


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