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Getting Press Coverage

Press Releases
By Sharon Housley

Press exposure can significantly impact a small businesses' success. Press releases are not just for big businesses; many small businesses find press releases to be an inexpensive way to gain exposure and attention. It is not uncommon for reporters from magazines, newspapers or blogs to scan press releases as a means to locate content.

Here are some tips to enhance the exposure and quality of your press releases:

1. Relevant
First and foremost, it is important to decide what information should be included in your press release. Information that is newsworthy and relevant will have the best chances of gaining the attention of an editor. The press release should be sent to related publications: a pet magazine is not going to print a press release about the latest compression utility, but it might print a release about software that manages records of a pets shots.

2. Customize
Giving your press release a personalized touch, especially for bloggers and online journalists, can be helpful in gaining attention. Spending an extra few moments to personalize a press release could be just what is needed to make it stand out from hundreds of other press releases. While it is impractical to customize all of the press releases sent, it might make sense to personalize the releases for key publications or media outlets.

3. Summarize
By creating a succinct summary of the announcement, editors will not need to reword, or condense a lengthy release. The first paragraph or two should clearly state the announcement, so that an editor's space is limited, they can simply use the summary in their publication.

4. Swag is Good
The press loves freebies, and by offering them, there is a chance potential customers will keep your name in their mind. Feel free to send branded goodies to the editors as a special thank you for any exposure that you receive.

5. Thank You
If you are interviewed or receive an especially complimentary review be sure to thank your press contact. As strange as it might sound rarely are the editors thanked for the coverage they provide. Extending a heartfelt thank you, could mean an editor remembers your company when the next press release is sent.

6. Honesty
The more truthful the release the more likely that it will get ink. Avoid using superfluous adjectives that inflate the use your product or service. Keep your press release factual.

7. Keywords
Be sure to use keywords and keyword phrases in the press release so that it will be easily located by reporters looking for specific material.

8. Demand Attention
Carefully select the title for of your press release so that it attracts attention. The title should contain key points related to the announcement. A good title is critical. If the title does not gain the interest of the editor, it will not matter what the body of the release says.

Keep in mind that it is unlikely you will see instant results from the print media. Print media has a long cycle and you might not see coverage for months.

In short, press releases are great way to gain attention. The cost of sending a press release is minuscule when compared to the potential exposure that may result. A well-written press piece can garner significant press coverage and exposure.

Building relationships with the media is a long process and takes considerable time and patience. Editors have to deal with deadline pressures and locating appropriate filler content should the need arise, befriending the reporters will go a long way toward press coverage.

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for RecordForAll audio recording and editing software.


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