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:: Business Forums

Small Business Software Forum - tips for small business owners, software developers and webmasters.

Home Business Online Forum - Open to everyone with questions and comments about running their own business from home.

How to Web Biz - Anything and everything about starting and running your own home business online.

Aardvark Business - forums and sub-newsgroups for businesses and related discussions.

Business Know How - popular home office/small business communities online

- new member questions

:: Marketing Forums

*Software Marketing Forum - Marketing forum for software developers and webmasters.

*Internet Based Moms - Home mom message boards and internet based moms

NetTalk - General discussion on topics related to webmastering, the Internet, or computing in general

*Internet Marketing Research - internet marketing related forum

*NetMarketing - The source for net marketing excellence!

My Own Business - Post your ideas or questions for others to respond to. It's easy and its a great way to learn and share experiences with others. (no reg rq'd)

WilsonWeb - webmarketing and ecommerce forum

SitePointForums - empowering web developers since 1997

Warrior Forum - forums

Online Marketing Today - forum for marketing

WebMastery - forum for webmasters - collection of forums

WebmasterTalk - webmaster related issues

:: Affiliate Forums

ABestWeb - leading affiliate marketing forum

Associate Boards - the friendly, helpful affiliate forum

Affiliates 4 U - UK Affiliate Marketing Forum is a discussion forum

Affiliate Boards - affiliate marketing boards

Associate Programs - friendly, helpful affiliate forum

Affiliate Managers - free tools and resources for affiliate managers

Forums for Affiliates - Discuss the issues that Affiliates and vendors face in the world of affiliate marketing

:: Blog Forums

Cyber-Gish - blogging forum

Blogomania - blog forum

Forum4Bloggers - blog forums for bloggers

*Software Marketing Forum - Marketing forum for software developers and webmasters.

Bloggers Galore Forum - Important events or whatever that could possible be of interest to the average blogger out there looking for inspiration.

Blogomania - blog discussion forum

tblogs - Blog discussion forums

Blog Board - blogging forum

2RSS Forum - RSS forum for feed discussions.

FeedDemon RSS Forum - software support forum for FeedDemon includes open discussion area for rss related issues.

Cre8asite Blog for RSS/Blogs - RSS blog forums

WebmasterWorld RSS - RSS forum for webmasters

:: Technnical Forums

DevShed Forum - forum for developers and technical issues

*Software Marketing Forum - Marketing forum for software developers and webmasters.

WinForums - forums for windows issues

MajorGeeks Forum - discuss technical and related issus.

Bit Tech Forum - technical discussions

Devx - software development forum

DbForums - database forums

Notebook Forums - forum for notebooks

ASP Free Forums - forum for ASP programmers

Progammers Resource - resource /forum for programmers

Create CSS - cascading style sheet forum

Frontpage Webmaster - discuss webmaster related issues

Code Guru - development forum

Webhosting Talk - Discussions on all aspects of web hosting including past experiences

Search Ecommerce Forums -

Search Marketing Forums -

Lycos Search -

:: Software Specific Forums

*Software Marketing Forum - Marketing forum for software developers and webmasters.

NotePage, Inc. - support forum for NotePage's SMS, messaging and paging software. Also includes section for integration or adding messaging to related applications.

Messaging Software Forum - forum for any related messaging and email applications; includes support section.

Small Business Software - tips for small business owners, software developers and webmasters.

My PDA Cafe - PDA software solutions

Digital Sea - software collection forum - software collection forum

Developers Forum - forum for software developers to discuss issues.

TLab404 - technical forums

IndieGamer - forum for independent game developers

TechSoup - discussion forums for non-profits

Miraplacid Forums - software marketing discussin forum

HotScripts - Programming Talk - software programming forum

Shareware Forum - forum for discussing shareware

microISV Forum - forum for discussing shareware

Software Tips and Tricks - Software & Hardware Discussion Forum - Search Results

Software Announce - Software & Hardware Discussion Forum - Search Results - Software Discussion Forum -

MySharewareBox - Shareware Discussion Forum

OneKit- Shareware Discussion Forum


:: Search Engine Forums / SEO Forums

Webmaster World - tech, and business issues related to operating and promoting a website.

*Abakus SEM Forum - search engine marketing forum

High Rankings - helping sites be the best they can be!

Jim's World - search engine optimization techniques, search engine marketing discussion

SEO Chat - all Search Engine Optimization resources. Aside from being the home of the popular Google-Dance tool, Seo Chat also contains a library of articles on topics such as Search Engine Keywords, Directories, Link Development, Marketing, Optimization, Promotion.

Search Engine Optimization - search engine optimization expert advice

WebProWorld - ebusiness experts exchange information and tips, for online business

Ozzu - webmaster forum

SEO Guy Forum - SEO Guys SEO Forum is a place for search engine otpimization specialists and webmasters to meet and share ideas.

Blue Gecko - forum for web stuff


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