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Enticing Purchasers - Closing the Sale

Closing the Sale
By Sharon Housley

Compelling customers to take the final step from browsing to purchasing is not always an easy transition. Marketers and entrepreneurs who have studied purchasing habits have found that the following enticements can help encourage potential customers to take the final step to purchase...

1. Limited Quantity

Limiting the number of items available will give the purchaser the impression that if they do not purchase immediately, they may not have the opportunity to purchase at all. A limited quantity will often create a sense of urgency.

2. Limited Time

Limiting the amount of time a product or service is available will also tend to create a sense of urgency with the customer. Likewise, limiting the amount of time a product is available at a discounted rate will often motivate purchasers to make the purchase sooner rather than later.

3. Visual

Be sure to include visual queues. A product that is visually appealing is more likely to be purchased than one without an image. This might seem pretty basic, but it should come as no surprise that customers like things that look good, and they like to see what they are buying.

4. Purchase Perks

Provide add-ons, expansion packs, free support, or other perks to entice the purchaser to take the plunge. Purchase perks may make your offering look more appealing than a competitor's product, which could result in you closing the sale.

5. Discounts

Provide discounts on related products, so your customers feel that they are getting a better "deal". When customers are able to get multiple products at a lower price, they feel as if they've gotten more of a bargain, and thus will feel better about their decision to purchase.

6. Guarantees

Reduce the risk to the purchaser by offering a money-back guarantee for a specified period of time. A guarantee will also add a level of trust for the potential buyer, which can help if the customer is still reluctant to purchase.

7. Professional And Secure

The purchasing webpage should be professionally designed, and any online ordering process should be made "secure" with an SSL certificate which produces the well-known and watched-for "padlock" icon in the customer's browser. A secure and professional website is critical to closing the sale.

8. Make It Easy

Make it easy to purchase. If you sell internationally, make sure your customers can pay for your products easily, and in their own currency if possible. Nothing is more frustrating than finding a product you want, only to discover that you are unable to buy it.

Minor changes can significantly impact the "close" rate for a website. Take steps to instill confidence, and make your customers feel value... and then watch the sales come in!

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for RecordForAll audio recording and editing software.


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