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Testimonials are essentially 3rd-party endorsements for a product or service. Potential customers will often look for testimonials when faced with a purchasing decision. Customer testimonials can increase sales closing rates by removing uncertainty and instilling confidence in the customer. Additionally, testimonials that describe solutions for real-life problems can be very well received by others that may be struggling with similar issues.

The more detailed and specific a testimonial is, the more credibility it will have. Testimonials can be used in conjunction with white papers to fully explain how the product or service has resolved a real-life problem. In many cases, other businesses in the industry may be struggling with similar issues or problems, and explaining how your product or service fulfilled a need and solved a problem can sometime make the difference between getting the sale or not. A white paper combined with a credible endorsement is a powerful sales tool.

If you don't have any testimonials, do not be afraid to ask for them. Look for emails and messages that contain compliments from customers, and when thanking them for their comments, follow up with a request to share their comments with the public on your website. Or better yet, ask permission to profile their company.

If you do not typically receive compliments, take a look at your communication channels. Do you welcome or request feedback on a regular basis? If not, consider implementing a post-sales quality assurance email inquiry. Send out a personalized message to all customers shortly after they purchase, asking if they are satisfied with the product they received.

When you receive permission to include a testimonial, draft and format it as it will appear, and then request approval from the customer before making their testimonial visible to the public.

Keep in mind that testimonials can be in a variety of formats, and not limited to text only -- you can also provide video or audio testimonials as well. Use all your communication channels to share customer testimonials.

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