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2012 Reflections, 2013 Predictions

2012 was scarred with senseless tragedies, the Costa Concordia the majestic cruise liner, went down off the Tuscan island of Giglio, Italy when it was said the captain was showing off to islander friends. Horrific tornados that tour through the mid-western United States stole the lives of even the littlest angels. A horrific mass shooting at the Batman opening in Colorado showed a careless disregard for life. Sadly this was followed by a shooting at Seikh Temple in Oak Bridge, Wisconsin, taking the lives of worshippers. The pain and tragedy of 2012 continued on when many individuals seeking improved health, became deathly ill when they were injected with a contaminated compound that infected them with a form of fungal meningitis. Mother Nature unleashed her power in 2012 with Super Storm Sandy in all her glory changed the face of iconic beaches along the Jersey Shore and impacted New York City in ways never imagined. The crippled infrastructure, and flooded tunnels paralyzed the region for days (and in some cases weeks). 2012 closed the year, with the horror, and senseless terror that ocurred in Newtown and the hamlet of Sandy Hook elementary school massacre that left many shaking there heads saying "who does this", who attacks children?

2012 started with a roller coaster Republican primary, that resulted in Mitt Romney being the Republican nominee. The political news did not end there, both candidates drew headlines throughout the general election with many claiming that Obama had a "Joe the plumber moment" when telling small business owners "you did not build that!". Romney had his moments as well and was painted as an elitist when talking about 47% of the population. Big Bird even made a cameo in the presidential debate, becoming a devisive political issue. The untimely "Super Storm" named Sandy that attacked the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, was the predicted October "surprise". The storm pressed pause on the election. While the US presidential election was touted as one of the most "pivotal" elections in US history, it surprisingly left the playing field virtually unchanged.

Many policy issues were brought into question with claims of executive privilege and White house Leaks. The Fast and Furious gun walking controversy that resulted the death of Brian Terry a Border Agent, resulted in Eric Holder being held in contempt of congress. The killing of of ambassador Christopher Stephens and four other US citizens in Benghazi, Libya was another hot button issue, with confusing reports and misinformation blaming a video for the terrorist attack. While the Administration stuggled with these controversial issues, the Presidential Administration did have a victory when Obamacare (health care reform) was upheld by the Supreme Court.

While the Arab Spring and democracy in Egypt was touted as a turning of the tide in the middle East, actions and reactions in the region told a very different story in 2012. While Egypt might be "free" of Mushareff, it does not appear to be free of Islamic fundamentalism. Attacks on the US Embassy in Egypt showed the sentiment toward the west. The brutality, unrest and slaughter of innocents in Syria persisted throughout 2012. Iraq continued developing it's nuclear weapons, while Israel shouted it's concerns to anyone who would listen. Palestine and Israel again became a heated area with major skirmishes, that resulted in the testing of Israel's new Iron Dome defense system and threats of a land invasion into Gaza.

The Middle East is not without it's beacon of light. Mulala Yusef a brave young girl and light of hope in the region was gravely injured in an assination attempt. Mulala was making a stand for rights of girls in Pakistan to be educated, sadly extremists attempted to extinguish that flame. The tragic incident drew global attention to the cause and the true bravery of Mulala, willing to speak out regardless of the consequences.

2012 was also a year of uncertainty. Economic worries and a looming fiscal cliff caused anxiety, reduced spending and was certainly the cause of an ulcer or two. Many countries felt an economic shift with the downgrade of the credit ratings of many respected and admired European countries.

The celebrations of 2012 included the The Queen of Englands Diamond Jubilee celebration. Michael Phelps triumphed at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games making Olympic history with 22 overall career medals, including an unprecedented 18 Golds!

2012 was also marred with loss. Sadly the world lost one of it's pioneers with the death of Neil Armstrong. The music world lost one of the greats with the untimely death of Whitney Houston. Generations of children lost the beloved Hostess brand, makers of the famous Twinkies and Ho-Ho's.

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About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for RecordForAll audio recording and editing software.


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