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2011 Reflections, 2012 Predictions

No country suffered more than Japan in 2011. Japan was rocked by an 8.9 earthquake, then a tsunami that was created from the quake hit the small island. The tsunami caused significant damage to one of Japan's power plants making it impossible to properly cool or shutdown the nuclear reactor. The inability to cool the nuclear plant resulted in a nuclear melt down, and the escape of radiation. When the trifecta hit, the Japanese people earned the world's respect, they managed the tragedy with stoicism and grace. The consequences of this horrible tragedy, and implications of the radiation leaks, into the sea and atmosphere are still unknown. Japan will bear the scars from 2011, for generations to come.

The world's tyrants and dictators faced the masses in 2011. The Libyan civil war rebellion resulted in the death of Gadafi, one of the world's longest reigning dictators. The people's revolt in Egypt resulted in the successful unseating of Mubarak. The unrest persists in countries that are ruled by unelected leaders, with ongoing protests continuing in both Syria and Yemen.

2011 was marked with justices and injustices. The justice of 2011 was no more evident than when, Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan by a team of US special force Navy Seals. In a stark contrast, many felt that Casey Anthony escaped justice, when a jury of twelve found her innocent in the death of her young daughter. Where the jury saw innocence, many in the world saw guilt.

Europe united by the Euro, struggled with how to manage the crippling debt of some member countries. Greece saw numerous protests, as citizens faced the prospect of cutting popular entitlement programs. Other European countries facing similar economic issues saw similar turmoil. Europe had it's moments of joy, with the crowning of a princess, and the marriage of Kate Middleton to Prince William in the United Kingdom.

The US was not immune to mother nature's wrath. The US saw an unprecedented number of tornadoes in the month of April. April's horrific tornadoes cut a swath through the US stealing the lives of more than 350. The US also experienced unprecedented flooding in the west, along the Mississippi.

The US struggled with philosophical divisions and political turmoil throughout 2011. Scott Walker, the Governor of Wisconsin took on the the Unions and collective bargaining rights, while the Democratic State Representatives responded by leaving negotiations and heading for Illinois. The US congressional debate and struggle over the debt ceiling, resulted in a rating downgrade by Standards and Poors. The U.S. lost that high standing, when S&P downgraded it to a AA+ rating. It marked the first time, the world's largest economy has been downgraded, since Moody's first gave the country a credit rating in 1917.

The GOP field of Republican primary contenders has been a roller coaster ride for political pundits, with candidates rising and falling in the polls. Michelle Bachman took an early Iowa straw poll, only to have her numbers plummet. Ricky Perry jumped in and rose quickly to the top of the pack, only to stumble on a debate question about illegal aliens. Herman Cain's "9-9-9" plan caught attention but "personal relationships" caused him to withdraw from the primary race.

Occupy Wall Street began with Ducoti Park. but quickly spread. Occupiers took up residence in many of the world's city parks. The lack of a single voice from Occupiers, and illegal activities in many of the occupation areas diluted the group's message. The frustration and dreary economic outlook was clearly visible on the faces of protesters and non-protesters alike throughout the fall of 2011. Sadly, it is unlikely that the US will unite in 2012, as the deep philosophical divide and floundering economy have divided neighbors and friends alike.

Obamacare faced legal challenges in more than just the court of public opinion in 2011. Due to discrepancies in the various lower court rulings, the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, will decide the fate of Obamacare in 2012.

Personal indiscretions, infidelities and private scandals became public news in 2011, when Anthony Weiner's Twitter scandal, Arnold Schwartzeneger's secret child, and John Edwards legal issues, all became front page news.

Capitalism struggled with regulation, and free enterprise was marred by the death of one of it's greats. Steve Jobs who revolutionized the way music was sold succumbed to his battle with cancer in 2011.

What the future holds is any one's guess. December 2011 marked the exit of US troups from Iraq for the final time. How the struggling democracy will fare is an unknown. The death of Kim Jong Il, in December brings uncertainty of what to expect from North Korea going forward in 2012. Whether 2012 will bring back economic prosperity, and peace to unsettled areas remains to be seen.

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