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2008 Internet Marketing Resolutions

Internet Marketing Resolutions for 2008

Internet Marketing Resolutions for the New Year
Starting a New Year is all about self-reflecting. Most individuals celebrate the incoming year by looking back, determining what goals were met and what goals fell short. Most who have made past resolutions then look forward and resolve to do better in the coming year.

Like any Internet marketer, I have a long laundry list of things that I intend to get to... invariably each year the list grows longer, and rarely do I make any significant headway on new projects, ideas, or marketing techniques. I resolve for that to change in 2008! I have compiled a list of Internet Marketing resolutions for the coming year. If your list is already too long, consider saving time and using the list below.

1. Track and Measure
Before launching any advertising campaigns, be sure to determine how the campaign will be tracked. I will determine exactly how much money we need to make from the campaign in order for it to be effective and worth the effort.

2. Investigate Pay Per Review
I resolve to take a closer look at pay per review websites like PayPerReview, ReviewMe, and PayPerPost and to discern whether the model will be effective for marketing software.

3. Make Video Tutorials
It is time! Being a tad on the shy side, this item keeps finding its way to the bottom of my marketing list. However, it is time to utilize videos and use them as marketing tools, websites like YouTube can help raise awareness of products and help instruct our users.

4. Leverage Web 2.0
It is time to explore some of those unusual mediums, and discern the marketing viability of Web 2.0. While RSS and syndication are now a marketing staple, Web 2.0 has more to offer and is worth a closer look in the coming year.

5. Learn How to Benefit from the Collective Voice
The collective voice is growing stronger and is more like a resounding shout these days. With visitor opinions weighing heavily in how much exposure an item receives, it is time for me to get social, and use the collective voice as a marketing tool.

6. Develop a Channel for User Generated Content
Companies like CNN are expanding their content with minimal costs by inviting viewers to submit news, videos and photos. The result CNN is able to offer is a wider breadth of content. I need to further examine the possibilities of user generated content and determine how I can involve users and still retain control.

7. Encourage WOMM
Word of mouth marketing is a corner stone of marketing, and yet few marketers ever solicit customer referrals and encourage users to talk about their products. I intend to encourage word of mouth and viral marketing in 2008.

8. Website Update
Every year, I attempt to update my many websites. While throughout the year new content is added, I think many of our websites are long over due for an overhaul. It is time to look at many of the websites and add a complete update.

9. Launch Something New
New products and services help invigorate a product line. It is time for a new launch!

10. Automation and Processes
Automation has been critical to our growth in 2007. Expanding automation into 2008 will help control costs and increase productivity. I need to examine to both examine systems and processes and determine where automation can be most effective to our company.

Resolutions are all about making a firm decision. They are difficult to keep, but I intend to let optimism rule 2008 and take action. If you feel the same way, keep in mind that reading the list of Internet marketing resolutions is simply not enough. Be proactive and schedule time to allow for success. And, of course, do not forget to change the batteries in the smoke detector, prune your RSS feeds and update your website's copyright notices. Happy New Year!

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for NotePage a wireless text messaging software company.


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