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Value Ad - Made For AdSense Sites

Value Ad, MFA Websites

Who wants to make money from AdSense? Or a better question: who does not want to make money from AdSense?

What Is "Made For AdSense"?

MFA (Made For AdSense) websites refer to sites that were created specifically to profit from serving Google AdSense ads, and for no other purpose. Typically, these websites lack any real content. I'm sure you've all seen a few Made For AdSense websites that haunt the web. MFA sites are the scorn of advertisers. Why? Because MFA websites simply do not convert website visitors into buyers. Advertisers on MFA sites pay the websites for clicks, but rarely do those clicks actually convert into sales.

Profiting from Advertising

There is nothing wrong with profiting from work. If a publisher has created unique and interesting content, there is no reason they should not profit from it. In fact, publishers who are on the Internet to make money should make every effort to maximize the amount of revenue they receive. That said, Made For AdSense websites that are cluttered with advertisements and lack any genuine content are far too common. The key distinction between Made For AdSense websites and a publisher who happens to profit from AdSense is the quality and value of the content on the website.

Profit From "Pay Per Click"

The ad serving services have made changes to restrict how their ads are used. Be sure to review the terms of services prior to adding their ads to your website. Whether adding YPN! or Google AdSense ads to a website, webmasters and publishers should keep the following in mind:

a. Match The Color Of The Advertisement -- Attempt to blend the advertisement into the website if possible.

b. Position The Ad -- Position the advertisement "above the fold" on the web page (i.e. in the upper portion of the page, before having to scroll down), in a place where it is more likely to result in clicks.

c. Match The Font -- Attempt to match the website's font with the font used in the advertisement.

d. Remove The Ads Border -- Remove the border from the advertisement so that it better blends into the website.

Many websites are built with the intention of generating advertising revenue. Google's algorithms have become quite astute at determining whether a website is merely a collection of affiliate links, or if the site contains actual value. In order for a website to rank well in and prosper from the search engines, the website needs to offer something different or unique, or a specialized product or service in order to distinguish itself. If the website is strictly a collection of affiliate links, without any additional value, the search engines will quickly determine that the site offers no real value to their searchers. Webmasters need to ask themselves: if you remove the website's advertisements and the affiliate links, is there anything of value that remains? Is there any intrinsic value to the website's actual contents?

There is nothing wrong with profiting from a website -- commercialization on the web is big business. But there needs to be value that distinguishes a website from its competitors. Content should be designed for website visitors, not for advertisements or search engines. Ultimately, the long-term profitability of a the website will rely on the value of the content contained in the website. If the content lacks value, the website will likely be profitable for only a short amount of time.

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for RecordForAll audio recording and editing software.


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