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Twitter Tweets

Tweeting on Twitter
By Sharon Housley

Twitter Tweets

Tweeting on Twitter* is one of the newest business marketing trends. Using the following tips will help you better manage your tweeting for the benefit of your business...

1. Consistency

Many Twitter participants will choose to follow your Twitter account for a specific reason -- they will expect you to tweet consistently about the topic(s) described in your profile. Keep posts consistent!

2. Quality vs Quantity

The age-old debate of quantity vs quality also exists on Twitter. My personal view is that quality is far more important than quantity. I believe that the reason for the high signal-to-noise ratio on Twitter is because of so many "useless" tweets. As such, I think quality is far more important.

3. Balance

Many business people will create a Twitter account in order to market their products or services. If you are going to be plugging and promoting something on Twitter, make sure you try to balance the promotion with helpful and useful tweets as well, so that your posts are not viewed just as marketing hype and ignored.

4. Interact

The most important thing you can do on Twitter is to engage and interact. Unless you are a politician or celebrity, it is important that you actually participate in the conversations -- don't just drop in, "shout your message", and then disappear.

5. Business vs Personal

It is okay to have multiple twitter accounts, so try to separate business from personal by having a separate account for each.

6. Frequent Updates

Try to stay current with frequent Twitter updates.

7. Relevant Updates

Most followers will not care about minutia. Do not clutter their space by twittering about events that are unimportant.

8. Keep Tweets Current

Tweeting old news is often worse than not tweeting at all. News that is not timely is simply a waste of time for everyone, and it makes it appear that the person posting is not current.

9. Profile

Customize your profile to match your company's brand. Use every opportunity to reinforce a consistent brand and image, and that includes customizing your Twitter profile.

10. Follow Related Tweeters

Search for other Twitter profiles that contain related interests or commonalities to yours. Follow the niche demographic that you would like following you. Often you will attract attention by following Tweeters in your industry or niche, and they will often then choose to follow you as well.

11. Attractive Avatar

Images make or create impressions, so use an avatar that is professional, consistent with your brand, and stands out.

12. Choose An Appropriate Name

Choose an appropriate name for your Twitter Account. Your Twitter name can be your brand, your product name, or some variation there of. Twitter can be a great tool for business, and for building your brand. Follow the above tips to start using Twitter to benefit your business!

(* if you don't know what Twitter is, check it out at )

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for RecordForAll audio recording and editing software.


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