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Domain Name Suggestions

Domain Name Suggestions
By Sharon Housley

Innovative, memorable, and compelling domain names are becoming more and more difficult to come up with. The following tools can help webmasters find great domain names for their online businesses....

Domain Name Soup
Domain Name Soup is a free domain name generator that helps you find available domain names in your niche.

Bust A Name
Bust A Name is a free tool that lets you quickly check domain name availability. The Bust A Name domain search engine combines the keywords that are entered and tells webmasters what combinations are available.

Domain Suggestion Tool
Domain Suggestion Tool uses name-spinning and semantic technology to come up with unique domain name options for webmasters.

Dot-o-mator can be used to create domain name suggestions. Simply enter keywords in the box on the left, and then choose different endings, or enter your own ending. Click the button to see what combinations are available.

Domain Exposer
Domain Exposer is a tool that helps webmasters find available domain names. Combining keywords with common words to create a new domain name, the Domain Exposer tool checks the domain name availability for all of the created suggestions.

Domain Typer
Domain Typer uses a domain name generator to create easy-to-remember domain names. Domain Typer randomly generates .com domains, and lists their availability.

DomainsBot includes domain suggestions, name-spinning, a complete searchable index of expired and expiring domain names, as well as a list of all domains available for sale.

Name Boy
Name Boy generates domain names based on keywords you enter, and it also allows you to instantly register domains that you locate.

Make Words
Make Words creates random phonetic names. Make Words is a random domain name idea generator. The Make Words website includes keyword collections, and synonyms to assist webmasters in finding the perfect domain name.

Name Tumbler
Name Tumbler allows webmasters to enter keywords, and then the Name Tumbler tool combines those keywords with their database. It allows you to select keyword placement, and optionally whether you want a hyphenated domain or not.

Snap It Now
Snap It Now generates domain names that are based on keywords and categories. You can optionally include hyphens to find a great domain that meets your needs.

Domain Pigeon
Domain Pigeon lists available domain names, as well as Twitter names, which you can register as you find one you like.

Coming up with a great domain name can be a struggle, even for the most creative entrepreneur. The above tools will assist in your domain search.

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for RecordForAll audio recording and editing software.


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