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Letter Denying Credit Terms

Dear _____________________,

First of all, thank you for your large order for ABC, which you placed with our Mr. _____________ on March 8, and your request that we open a credit account for your firm.

We are sure you understand that, before we authorize such an account, we try to get all possible information that might justify our granting a line of credit. This we have done in your case. Please do not misunderstand, but on the basis of facts and figures so far secured, we have not been able to make a definite decision to grant you the credit requested.

In view of the circumstances, we do not at present feel quite justified in opening an account for you. If you think that our decision is unwarranted, or if you can furnish us with information that we now lack, do not hesitate to write us or call personally at our office. We should be most happy to reach a better understanding.

It may well be that circumstances may change and that we might then be able to accede to your request. In the meantime, we do value your patronage and shall be happy to serve you, as before, on a C.O.D. Basis.

Very truly yours,




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